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Here are a few comments from some of my hundreds of satisfied customers:

I categorically deny using torture or threats to obtain these statements!!

Sally Willis - Surbiton, Surrey.


Henry is a great teacher of basic and advanced computer skills. I am amazed at how much further on I now am. And it wasn’t any effort! He takes all the hard graft out of learning. Henry has the ability to put himself in your shoes and then offer just the help you need. 

I look forward to my lessons with Henry. Book lessons with Henry and in no time you will no longer be a technophobe but a technoFAN!

If you need help in an emergency he’ll respond quickly and reliably.

He is generous and has a brilliant sense of humour.


Leslie Melville - Primrose Hill, London

I was introduced to Henry by my daughter Sheila, who has been using Henry's services for many years. I wasn't sure if I would be able to learn how to use my laptop, but Henry is very patient and will always explain anything I'm unsure about, until the I get it right. I'm now able to email my children and grandchildren, use the Internet to find information, and even play Solitaire and Bridge. It has been a revolution, for which I'm very grateful and pleased.


Antionette Kirshbaum - Crouch End, London

I have lessons with my friend Karen, and we have really enjoyed learning. We were both almost complete beginners, and we can now do all the things that our children take for granted. I would highly recommend Henry for anyone either starting learning, or if you have some gaps in your knowledge that you would like help with. It has given Karen & I a lot of pleasure learning how to use our computers properly.


Howard Kaffel - Highgate, London.

Without doubt, Henry is extremely reliable & professional in his work.  If & when I have a computer related problem, he has been able to fix it and offer valuable advice and help. He is a pleasure to deal with and has a great sense of humour.  I would have no hesitation in highly recommending him to my family and friends.



Eric Wolfson - Stanmore, Middx.

Henry is a fantastic teacher. I knew nothing about computers when

he started teaching me & now at the age of  80 it has given me a new
interest besides Bridge.



Derek Roston- Mill Hill,London.

I have known Henry for a number of years and he has always been there when I'm in trouble. He is a fantastic computer guru. Nothing fazes him, and he is a fountain of  knowledge. Always prompt, always polite and a pleasure to know.  Derek Roston  (78)

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Frank Colet    Mill Hill, London.

As no photo does me justice I am not supplying one.  Henry was recommended to me by Derek Roston (see above) when my computer was driving me mad.  Henry sorted out all the glitches and it is now running sweetly and much, much faster. As others have said, Henry is a master of his profession. 


Judy Aljoe, Highgate, London

Thank goodness Henry has always been able to stop me throwing myself and my PC off this balcony.


Carole Berko- Edgware, Middx

Henry has taught me to use the computer from basically knowing nothing, and enabled me to master all the things I needed to be able to do on it.  He is extremely patient (a great necessity with me, regrettably!), very thorough, very knowledgeable and, ultimately, knows how to do things when even he sometimes isn't aware that he can in terms or solving a problem.  I would not hesitate to recommend his teaching skills to anybody.  He makes the learning fun - even to an idiot like me!!!

Katie Lachter - Mill Hill, London


Henry Moss offers a unique training. Clear, concise bit size information and hands on simple demonstrations that gets you trained up in a few hours rather than days or weeks compared to colleges or other training methods. Plus you get his crazy jokes to go with it! 
He gets my vote!

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Dr Pauline McNicholas - Arkley, Herts

Henry has a natural aptitude for teaching and explaining items in understandable terms.
 He makes the lessons so interesting and really gets to the point very quickly.
 His ability to sort out any problems I encounter never ceases to amaze me and I am so very grateful to him for his patience and perseverance.
 He certainly gets 10 out of 10 in my book.

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Angela Levine - Stanmore, Middx

I had a series of lessons with Henry when I started getting acquainted with my computer at home.  We covered Word, the basics of Excel and an overview of the internet.  All the lessons were relaxed and enjoyable - Henry is a very able tutor, patient and eloquent.    I now have a part time position and use my computer skills.   I would happily recommend Henry to any new clients.


Trevor Heathcote - Willesden Green, London

I met Henry some three months ago, not only has he taught me the basics of the computer, but he has also given me the confidence to experiment. I find him a sympathetic and knowledgeable teacher who is dragging me into the 21st. century .Roll on three months hence I may even find my brain redundant!!


Stanley Russell - Edgware, MIddlesex

I needed to record a speech to CD recently, but could not get Windows XP to do the job.
A quick phone call to Henry solved the problem.
I've been using computers since 1982, but there is always something new to learn



Maria Ranshaw - Stanmore, Middlesex

I think that I have an advantage when I write about Henry's teaching. I have been taught by French, Italian and English teachers not forgetting lecturers during my four years study for a degree at London University. Henry's ability to teach must be compared with the best teachers. He has a special gift of lucidity when explaining the problems or giving instructions. They never can be misinterpreted or misunderstood. My great hope is that he writes a book about computers.


Hanne Simon - Hampstead Garden Suburb, London

"Henry is a delightful person to have as your very best IT friend. He is knowledgeable and reliable. You can ask anything and he will always come up with the right answer"