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The majority of my clients ask for basic training on a variety of topics, the most popular of which include:

Microsoft Office programmes, such as Word, Excel, Outlook & PowerPoint. Courses range from Beginner through to Advanced.

Email. Most people now use email everyday. But there are still many people who have never sent or received an email, but would like to know what all the fuss is about!. 

The Internet. Again, most people use the Internet on a daily basis, but there are still millions of people who never have, but want to be able to use the internet to find information.

Digital Cameras. More and more people are now buying and using Digital Cameras. The cost of a decent camera starts from around 150, and my clients ask me to show them how to edit their pictures, print them and email them to their friends.


IPods & MP3 Players.  How can a tiny 3" or 4" piece of equipment store and play thousands of songs and hold thousands of pictures??? I have no idea, but I do know how to show my clients how to use them, to get the most out of this fantastic new technology.

Wireless Networking. Now the cost of new equipment has come down so much, where you can now buy a decent laptop from around 400, the demand is now for wireless broadband, so you can use the laptop anywhere in the house, without any wires or cables. It is now also possible to 'network' two or more computers in the same house, so they can share files and printers.  I can help you with advice and installation in all aspects of networking.


Technical Support. Although my business is primarily geared for training, I have found that the vast majority of my clients, at some time, require technical support for their computers. I have a team of highly skilled technicians who can tackle every fault that can arise. I offer a monthly service contract which gives you complete peace of mind, should disaster strike.